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mscomrade replied to your post: I’ll admit that I probably should have…

oh mon dieu, sont-ils beaux? Tu es tres chanceux ;D

Ha, that last bit is pretty much what everyone in my school has been saying to me for the past couple days. Everyone is hitting on the French kids, not that they really mind much.


queeniedear asked: I had a German student come and stay with me and I took to her a large mall in my city. She was freaking out because the whole mall was about as big as her town and there were entire stores just for shoes. I love Europeans they are so cute

Oh man just today we took them the mall and into a store just for hats, and one of my guys really really REALLY likes hats. He bought one with a skull on it (that was only ten dollars, which he was really happy about) and another that was army print, and then asked me if he looked beautiful. He totally did.


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I COMPLETELY understand. Just this year I hung out with a Italian exchange student at the county fair where me and my friends had to explain to him what an “Oreo” was before he attempted to eat a deep fried version of it. He liked it.

that’s awesome :D man, I wonder if I’ll do adorable confused things like the transfer students do when I do my part of the exchange and go to France. I’ll sure as hell be confused by the goddamn school schedule.


I’ll admit that I probably should have made a post like this before now. As you might have noticed, I’ve been gone for a while longer than usual. This is directly due to the fact that my house has been invaded by two French boys. The boys are living with me for two weeks so I’m trying to show them as much of America as I can in that short time frame, which doesn’t leave me a lot of time for blogging. I’m willing to make this sacrifice to see the wonder in their eyes as the gaze at the magnificence of a really large plastic container of instant coffee in a supermarket, or perhaps the fact that American high schools do in fact have lockers like they do in the movies. These French guys are excellent and friendly people and are so goddamn excited about everything. I have a duty towards them, but also I’ll be back to blogging in a short amount of time after they go back to their country.

Anonymous asked: have you heard of seitokai yakuindomo? -signed anon #5318008

ah, Japanese words I don’t understand at all. This is why I can never remember titles. I’m gonna guess that no, I don’t.

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noblethief asked: Were you aware that the last chapter was officially released yesterday (Law's birthday)?

Hahaha that’s hilarious in a morbid way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUR FAMILY IS DEAD. hehehe. What if those events actually took place on his birthday? I wonder if Oda planned that as well?

Also I just realized that Law’s birthday is four days before mine, ha.


Anonymous asked: Where the hell is Jesus Burgess ? Maybe Oda forgot about him >.< I was so expecting him to show up. - Bill

He’s hiding in the background, waiting for a time to strike. I doubt Oda forgot about him, he’s just lurking for now. Hell there are so many named characters here that you can’t really blame him for not mentioning one for a while, and half the crew hasn’t been seen for months, now.

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Anonymous asked: I think it's debatable on whether or not Doffy truly loves his crew. Doffy SAYS he loves his crew. Maybe he loves them like he loves his SMILE factory or like he loves his violence, but I doubt he loves them like people. Just look at Baby 5. Look at Caesar and Monet. Look at how he talks about Law and Corazon, people who WERE on his crew. He may love them, but he strikes me as hella abusive and gross. -nanon

I think he loves them but you bring up a good point that he could love them in ways different from the normal way you love a person, and he probably loves them in an abusive way. Still, most times he doesn’t punish them when they mess up and he defends them. Also Law and Corazon are no longer on his crew, Corazon we don’t know about but we know Law betrayed him so he has a reason not to like them. But the way he loves his crew is debatable, I’ll agree that that is true.

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Anonymous asked: I think the reason people defend doffy so much is because he actually cares about his crew and that's something we haven't really seen in a villain thus far and that's basically the only redeeming feature he has -MS

yeah. quite a lot of villainous characters in One Piece are marked as villains by their willingness to sacrifice their crew/subordinates and their selfishness, so I guess it would make people view him in a more positive light even if he’s a weapons dealing slave trading murderous scumbag. (Also I’m pretty sure Arlong cared about his crew)

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Anonymous asked: Forgot to sign, you can call me... TrafalgarSquare, ok? I see that you really hate Doffy, but he is more complex a character than he gets credit for. I hope you keep an open mind until the flashback is over and we get the truth. Oda has a real opportunity with this flashback, I hope he doesn't mess it up. I know I seem like an apologist, but I am being is impartial until the end of the arc. The final judgment on his character should be made when the flashback(and arc) is over. -TrafalgarSquare

Hello, trafalgarsquare. I do think that he’s a complex character, but that doesn’t make him any less horrible. The only person I hate in real life I hate because I know everything there is to know about her and her personality and behaviors and I despise her completely for what sort of person she is. Doffy’s like that too, he’s complex but in a horrible way. Nothing will redeem him now in my eyes, even if it does happen that he killed his brother by accident or even didn’t kill him at all. You also don’t need to know his past to know what he’s like now, and what he is now is BAD.

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Anonymous asked: Doffy's evil. How can anyone feel bad for him after everything he's done? He was the owner of the Human Auction House, he killed his father, he usurped the throne from King Riku, enslaved the Tontatta tribe, had the citizens of Dressrosa turned into toys, and he's a spoiled brat on top of it all. Karma's finally catching up to the feathery bastard in the form of a rubber man and an ex-subordinate with a grudge. -Don't Panic and Carry a Towel

Apparently a lot of people think he’s attractive so that might be a factor. Or he said or did something that made them feel like they had a connection to him and now they’re poor Bellamys. And yeah he’s completely fucking awful in all ways, I will delight in his defeat. Spandam and Doffy should get together and make the entitled high ranking assholes club, where they will hate each other with a passion and feel superior to each other. And then Spandam would die.

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Anonymous asked: Law sneaked up on a disabled person and stabbed him in the back. Am I the only one who thinks he's a piece of shit? What happened in his homeland is no excuse, he should be quarantined.

…Well he’s mute which has nothing to do with his ability to dodge a knife or stop him from being able to defend himself. He’s a strong person and Law knew that, hence the sneak attack. If he was unable to defend himself for any reason, like being tied up or having a problem with mobility or something, then yeah that’d be totally shitty, but him getting stabbed in the back was just plain old sneaking up behind someone and stabbing them. It had nothing to do with his disability. Which I guess is still shitty but Corazon tried to kill Law earlier so it’s just a regular cycle of revenge between two shitty people.

Also, the way you said “disabled person” implies that no matter who they are they should be treated delicately and that’s shitty because they’re people and it’s insulting to them. This disabled character is able to kick serious ass and his disability has nothing to do with what happened.

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Anonymous asked: Do you think laws flashback will be emotional for people than robins once we are shown how cora died? -MS

I dunno, honestly it’s more of a matter of opinion. I know why I cared so much about Law’s flashback, and it has to do with my own life experiences. Other people probably have their own reasons to care about other characters’s flashbacks more.

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